For employees to be empowered beyond mission, vision and values we must equip them with the knowledge skills and abilities necessary.

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Empowered Employee Education

Where we fit in your world

Do your new and emerging leaders require a stronger skill set when supervising mangaing or leading others?

We porvide learning opportunities and developmental coaching to the frontline (operations) all the way to the executive office.

Is your organization of the size that does not yet have a area concentrating on learning and development?

We specialize in creating competency in leadership, management and supervision. We focus on organizations of of less than 1500 employees and comfortably bridge the realities of your industry, be it oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation, or public administration, to some of the theory and practices which can seem unrealistic in the day to day world of innovating, creating and delivering products and services.

Is your organization looking for leaders who can make common sense their common practice?

We recognize the importance of getting things done and can still explain how sometimes slowing down can be quicker than speeding up. To learn more visit our Learning Services and Executive Coaching pages.

Our approach is unique

From introducing course attendance to your people, right through to the on-the-job application of learning, we are willing to take ownership of the complete learning cycle. We will teach and coach your employees to become the leaders you and they wish them to be.

Our preference is to collaborate with you to spread our typical 18 hours of learning content, over six months and pair it with twice monthly coaching conversations. Our focus is on building the behaviours and achieving the results you desire. We are committed facilitating learning opportunities in ways that fit the realities of your business and at the same time meet participants learning needs.

We believe in empowerment

Our sole intent is to create organizations where people deeply connect with and commit to the achievement of the organization’s vision. Organizations where members feel empowered to contribute their best.

We take a custom approach

We fully align the learning initiatives, courses and processes implemented, with your organization’s mission, vision and values.

We prepare both the workplace and the learner for the learning, facilitate the acquisition of identified knowledge, skills and abilities, and support the application of the learning through individual workplace coaching conversations.

We will keep the specifics of our coaching conversations confidential with the client. However, as the employer, you will receive monthly updates specifically designed to ensure the learning and results focus on your organization’s needs.

We are flexible

We recognize that every organization has different needs and for that reason we are flexible and will work with you to ensure that the final product meets your expectations.

We align with your business

Because your business objectives are specific we design and create the learning initiatives, and implement the programs and processes necessary to achieve your strategic goals. Our commitment is to provide learning initiatives which strengthen your employee’s abilities to supervise, manage and lead and ultimately improve your bottom line.

We plan for the future

In today’s world sustainable practices matter, which is why our initiatives encourage and support learning both before and long after the learning event. Employee education is typically driven by a desire to in some way, bolster employee behaviour so it aligns with the organization’s mission, vision and values and goals. Through our coaching practices we willingly support the learning beyond the classroom and a prepared to bring general themes and learning needs back to you for future employee development.

We believe that behaviour can change

The truest mark of successful learning is not course attendance, but new behaviour. We know that in order for there to be change there must first be the desire, then the education and finally the practice. Certainly we can influence the desire but we can not be responsible for that. What can do and will do is deliver the knowledge and provide the support to develop the behaviours you need in your organization. And when those behaviours align with your organization’s mission, vision and values - when everyone is on the same page - your employees can be empowered and enjoy greater decision making autonomy. When everyone is on the same page and moving in the same direction your business’ bottom line can be positively impacted. 

We foster great results!

People achieve the most when:


  • the vision and mission are clearly articulated
  • personal values align with corporate values
  • expectations and boundaries are cooperatively set and understood
  • barriers are removed and freedom to achieve exists


Empowerment exists when:


  • individuals willingly align their personal values and contributions with the values of the organization
  • leadership validates, encourages and supports each contribution given to the achievement of the vision
  • individuals are set free to create results beyond leadership’s imaginings



We build, deliver and coach, to empower.